Audrey Hepburn Beauty Secrets

Audrey Hepburn Beauty Secrets remain well kept, and if you can find many tutorials on you tube, it is difficult to find out the actual products she was using. Here are a few findings.

Audrey Hepburn beauty secrets are made of quite simple things, and most products she was using are still available in new versions of course but we have tested a few and we love them.

audrey-hepburn-hair @ always had very shinny hair. She said she was washing them every five days, although she was told to wash them everyday while screening.

She was using a special shampoo from London Philip Kingsley. They are available online and we love the Philip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo.

For her skin, Audrey Hepburn beauty secret was using Dr. ERNO LASZLO creams.  That was about it for her daily face care, nothing magical. We like ERNO LASZLO Hydraphel Skin Supplement.

audrey hepburn eye

longcilscakeFor her wonderful eyes, Audrey’s wonder product was the Longcils Boncza. Design in the 50’s for theater and cinema. Audrey and Marilyn Monroe were fond of it. We all want to try it! An alternative option is this Block Mascara.

Audrey Hepburn scarfAnother easy Audrey Hepburn beauty secret was her ability to create elegant looks with a simple scarf. When she moved to London with her mother, they did not have money and she used one colorful scarf to make a new outfit every day. For ideas Audrey Hepburn inspired Head Scarf Photo Album  is great.

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Stop starving yourself, eat and loose weight.

Loose weight, but stop starving yourself, eat and loose weight. The true French approach to food is based on a balanced diet. We share with you the French secrets to eat properly and stay slim.

Loose weight, is not easy with our busy lives. Many of us have our breakfast and lunch at work, and it is very difficult to stay healthy.

We buy sandwiches full of mayonnaise, or we try to be healthy with a soup but with crisps these are disastrous for our figure. In addition, it is not sufficient, and we are hungry a couple of hours later. This is the catch, because having snack made of fruit, or worse chocolate bar will rocket your insulin level. Insulin encourages the body to stock fat, and makes us fat.

A typical French lunch will encompass a starter, a main, cheese and dessert. It sounds a load, but with a proper meal, you are not starving mid-day and reduce the temptation to have a sweet snack. Here are the secrets for a proper, healthy meal.

First, the basic principles

– Never eat fruit between meals always at the end (because it is like eating sugar cubes direct)
– Remove all the products at 0% or low-fat diet or so called products. (The 0% yogurt with fruits contain starch which transform into sugar so it is useless, rather choose flavored yogurt)
– Red meat equals white meat, so you can eat red meat.
– Do not chew gum

– 4 coffee or tea / day max but every time one sweetened with real sugar (which keeps blood sugar levels in the blood, and prevents the production of insulin which triggers when the blood sugar decreases, causing hunger and especially cravings …)
– Never drink during the meal or 1 cup max
– Cook without fat and add it after baking
– Weigh food
– Always start by protein
– Never eat bread if you eat starchy foods

A balanced diet, with sufficient food, so you don’t starve yourself.


40 g cereal + 125 ml milk 1/2 fat
1 coffee or sweet tea
1 orange

Lunch (Pret a manger salade below is a good option)

120 g of meat or 150 g of cooked fish
200 g of vegetables (cooked or raw in salads)
or 120 g of starch but no bread.
1cc 5 g butter or cream (normal)
if you had vegetables, you can have 20 g cheese with one slice of bread
if you have starch, no bread, you can have one yogurt or 100 g of cottage cheese.
1 fruit 150 g and coffee or tea with one sugar

Snack (if hungry)
1 yogurt or cottage cheese  (maximum one teaspoon sugar)
or 30 g of bread + 20 g cheese
30 g of bread with 20 g dark chocolate (only black)

Diner. It is the perfect time to prepare a home made diner, and enjoy your family. Even if you come back home late, it is time to take care of you and your body. Ensure you have fresh food in the fridge.

If you had vegetables for lunch: 120 g of starch
if you had starch for lunch: 200 g vegetables (cooked or raw) or soup
80g of meat or 100 g of fish or 2 eggs, or 100 g ham or turkey
5 g or 1 tbsp butter or vinaigrette (never light version but rather with a spoon of water) or a teaspoon of cream
1 yogurt or cottage cheese 100 g sugar 20%
1 fruit or 1 compote. If you need ideas, have a look at Simple Dinners: Clever Ideas and Speedy Solutions for Every Day

In short, with this simple balanced diet, you will have no sense of dieting when shopping, what a pleasure to eat a piece of goat cheese, or cheddar. You can cooked everything separately and  add more fat grated cheese etc for your children and husband, while you stay light!

It works you will lost weight, and be happy with the chocolate snack!

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Happy winter

Happy winter, this winter we have decided to be happy! Bye bye the perennial winter blues. The solution is easy a SAD light, a little cost for a fabulous change to our lives. This year winter will be happy!

Happy winter, not very usual. In winter, we rather know winter blues, for example one of the Chipies’ hustand suffered Seasonal affective disorder, know as SAD. It is due to a lack of light, and this was not fun for her. Mr Chipie certainly felt without energy and slightly depressed, and above all very grumpy. Not a very nice company for our friend who ended up being grumpy with us in return, hum not good. So this year, we decided not to let go and act promptly. She offered him Christmas present early, a SAD light!

Happy winter for Mr Chipie

Happy winter for Mr Chipie

There are many choices online, our favorite as usual is Amazon, as they are reliable and deliver quickly. For Mister, and after an analyse of his habits, Mister works at his desk at home most of the day, we decided to go for the Lumie Desk Lamp SAD Light . The results were not long to come, after a mild welcoming to our present, yes this desk lamp is not the most elegant, Mister is now delighted. He is far less grumpy and even smile again.

Our friend’s life has consequently definitely improved, and we found our true friend, a real Chipie, happy and cheeky.

Happy winter @

Some of us realised that she too had SAD symptoms, struggle to sleep, to wake up in the morning, and not so happy. So, we looked for more options, since we knew form our friend’s husband experience that the Lumie brand works, we decided to focus on it. One obvious choice it the Lumie Wake-up Light , it is discrete and really help in the morning. Many of us adopted it and we love it! Finish the peevish mornings.

Happy winter @ of course our arty Chipies, did not like the designs offered by Lumie, and they made researches about alternative and efficient brands. They found the brand INNOSOL. They are far more elegant, and they offer various original design. Above all, this brand is recognized by health professionals as being one of the most efficient to beat winter blues. We love the ‘Innosol Sunny Rondo’ , one Chipie bought it for her living-room and it looks great. I have chosen the Aurora Designer Lamp (picture right) for my desk at work, all my colleagues want the same!

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Christmas confidence

Christmas confidence, have you ever felt slightly weird wearing your party dress. What most wonderful but think that with or without that dress you will look fabulous?

Christmas confidence, both to ensure you are not the next Bridget Jones ending up with your dream man in horrible pants, but rather wearing “dessous”, which will drive him literary crazy. Wearing fab underwear, make you feel sexier, stronger, and this will show all evening. You will look more confident and appealing, you will have this “je ne sais quoi”

Christmas confidence is about underwear secrets and ideas. Under your little back dress, why not wearing a fabulous nightgown like this Chemise Nightgown with Lace. You then know that if your dress slip you won’t end up showing anything embarrassing but your gorgeous nightgown which to be honest could be a cheeky party dress, for more ideas look at the boudoir section.

Instead of looking for suitable bra for your dress why not looking for a corset like this Illusion Cami Set, or even a push-up corset . They are just the perfect secret weapon. Perfect for both a push-up bra and flattering your waist, plus you can wear an open back dress.  We love these little Christmas confidence, our little secrets. There are so many options, just think outside the box.

Nothing better than letting him peeling your dress, nightgown off, mystery is the female weapon use it, he will remember it forever.



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Flat tummy, first step to your bikini body

Flat tummy, first step to your bikini body. French magazines have at last issued the long awaited special slimness editions and, we absolutely love it. This summer 2012, they offer slimming objectives by steps. We like this approach which is far less daunting. The first slimming step is to have a flat tummy.

Flat tummy, this first step is based on fitness, massage and nutrition. This is the ideal combination to obtain significant results.

This programme combines easy and simple exercises, a lighter diet which aids digestion and promotes elimination of fat; and massages using slimming creams that stimulate blood circulation and helps to lose weight. Ready for the challenge? so let’s start with exercises. They are essential to get a flat tummy.

The simple association of 20 to 30 minute walk every day and 10 to 15 minutes of  targeted exercises can quickly help you to obtain lasting results. The best way to lose weight is to alternate rapid and slow walk. Walk 5 minutes normally, then 10 minutes very quickly, and so on for 25 to 30 minutes. This walking routine associated with 10 minutes of abs works very well. 2 series of 20 abs daily is sufficient. If you need motivation try 10 Minute Solution: Blast Off Belly Fat [DVD], it is brilliant to get a flat tummy.

Now, the top cremes to have a flat tummy. Vichy de-stock , it is clinically proven the silhouette is refined significantly, and it combats sagging skin which can be caused by a diet. Somatoline Hips and Stomach Treatment , it is a treatment for belly and hips which stimulates micro-circulation. Finally, Mama Mio Bootcamp for Tummies Kit, a four step skincare wonder-combo to smooth, soften, tone, tighten, increase circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Finally, of course, a short diet, seven days to have a flat tummy.

Day 1:

Breakfast: boil some hot water and pour into a mug with pressed lemon juice, one buckwheat pancake (from the famous The Dukan Diet) a yogurt, and a pink grapefruit.

Lunch: Grated carrots with lemon, chicken breast with tomatoes, lentils and vegetables. Rye bread and watermelon

Diner: half a melon with a slice of Parma ham, zucchini gratin, a slice of grilled bread. a yogurt

Day 2:

Breakfast: pressed lemon in hot water, one buckwheat pancake, a cup of red fruits, and a cup of almond milk.

Lunch: An endive salad with walnuts, a plate of wholegrain pasta and vegetables, a fresh fruit salad.

Diner: Green salad, omelette and vegetables, one pear.

The rest of this week diet is available on this  link. Now you get it, the rule is a small salad as a starter, proteins and vegetable as a main with a small amount of carbs, then dessert is a fruit or yogurt.

Do this for a week and you should shortly the results. Next step,  how to get fab buttocks.

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A little help for our diet

A little help for our diet. Ok the whether really does not help us to stay healthy and focused on our bikini body, yet summer is here. We usually have barbecue and live on salads at this time of the year, but not this year. So here are the Chipies favorite cook books to be happy and healthy.

So, a little help for our diet is needed, we need inspiration for healthy and colourful meals,  when our body is still crying for fatty hot diner with this whether. So let’s enter the sun in our life through the kitchen, it is proven colourful food is good for our health and certainly our mood!

So, a little help for our diet may come from inspiring cook books. Let’s travel the world (south of course), let’s go to Greece and discover their delicious meals full of sun and healthy, Food From Many Greek Kitchens. Then, of course, we have to investigate the fabulous savory Italian food and have fun with Two Greedy Italians. And of course, let’s look at the famous French recipes, a “lighter” version, The Skinny French Kitchen.

If you are looking for healthy and slim recipes, we love the Clean & Lean Diet: Your Best-ever Body with foreword by Elle Macpherson because it provides recipes that can easily be made with products available in the UK market. But they are other really good book which explain the French slimness secrets, we like The French Don’t Diet Plan: 10 Simple Steps to Stay Thin for Life, this book is designed to re-educate your food habits, and it also helps you to understand better how food impacts your body.

So for easy and healthy dinner we love How To Cook Yourself Healthy And Slim: Easy Recipes That Are Rich In Antioxidants And Low In Saturated Fat, it is very “cuisine nouvelle” so expect small portions, but we want to be slim so it is fine, plus it does include delicious desserts.

Now, one of our French favorite and well-known author of  The Montignac Diet, has also published the Montignac Recipes and Menus, is a must in most French kitchens.

Finally of course The Dukan Diet Life Plan: The Bestselling Dukan Weight-loss Programme Made Easy. It is a very famous diet, I am sure you have read about it, and many Chipies use it when we need to loose a few kilos. It works,  most of us use it as a kick start  diet as you loose weight quite quickly, but after a while you get bored of the recipes. So great to loose the few pounds or kilos , then time for a balance and enjoyable diet.

Find your best friend for a gourmet, happy and slim summer!

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Plump, perky boobs

Plump, perky Boobs, we found a wonder product to help our boobs to be proudly firmer and youthfull, perfect for the little tops and bikini.

Plump, perky boobs for the summer? Mama Mio Boob is a Chipie new discovery, again thanks to one of our Chipies reader, and it is coming at a perfect time.

Firm boobs @

Just when the sun timidly dare to show up, and we are desperate to wear our cute little tops and dresses, or even better, for the lucky ones wear beach clothes and bikinis. We want and need these gorgeous plump, perky boots under our tops, boobs create the right balance with our bottom, and make our tummy look flatter. We hate having sloppy skin between the arms and the breast just the bit everyone can see with a sleeveless top.

Mama Mio Boob helps fighting crepey, sagging skin, it is a very powerful anti-oxidant, plus Mama Mio products are colorant, paraben, petrolatum and sodium laureth sulfate free.

Mama Mio Boot makes promise and it delivers. What do they say?:

“What women really love about Boob Tube is that the quality of their skin changes so quickly. Within a week, you will notice that the skin on your neck, your chest and your boobs looks firmer, fitter, glowing, more dewy and youthful. Daily use will maintain this beautiful skin and over the years you will be so pleased you took the time to befriend your bust. No crinkles or droop for you – no turtle necks or even turkey necks!

You are so wise to daily dose with Boob Tube, feel free to thank us in 20 years.”

What do we say:

“I also strongly recommend Mama Mio Tummy Toner for crepey, sagging skin too. I used Boob Tube on my breasts and Tummy Toner on my wrinkly, sagging underarms. It makes a fantastic combination and friends and family noticed a difference in my upper arms after one month – even though I hadn’t told anyone I was using products.”

“Having been a Clarins bust gel devotee for as long as I can remember, I decided to give this product a go after reading countless glowing reviews for it in various magazine and newspaper articles. It is a very good quality cream (it smells wonderful too) and I have definitely noticed an improvement since using it. I have deducted a point however for the flimsy packaging – maybe it is some kind of eco-friendly wrapping, who knows, but if feels somewhat cheap to me and for this price, I think Mama Mio could (and should) come up with a container for this product that looks and feels a little more expensive to the touch, as the elegant bottle of the Clarins Bust Gel does! Nevertheless, I would definitely purchase this again.”

Yes Clarins has nicer bottle and we love the brand, however, we prefer good results. We love Mama Mio Boob composition with is both natural and full of products proven to work: Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamins C, D & E found in Evening Primrose Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, Dandelion Root, Wild Yam Extract, Saw Palmeto Extract, Fenugreek Extract, Shea Butter and CoQ10

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Really good cellulite oil

Really good Cellulite oil, thanks to one of our readers, we discovered this anti cellulite oil, and we love it!!!! This oil has fantastic ratings by users, plus it is mostly made of organic ingredients. We cannot wait to try it.

Really good cellulite oil,  what they say: “Uses herbs and vitamins and will leave your skin smoother and more toned” That’s Life Magazine “Helps shift that orange peel look” Daily Mail The Really Good Cellulite Oil helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, boosts circulation, tones and firms and promotes smoother looking skin. It has been formulated with a potent blend of highly effective, stimulating and circulation-enhancing ingredients. Gotu Kola, one of the most renowned Ayurvedic herbs and known for its superb circulatory benefits, has been triple infused to provide triple strength.

This has been combined with stimulating and diuretic Green Coffee bean oil, vitamin-rich, nourishing Wheatgerm oil, vitamin E, detoxifying sweet Birch and cleansing grapefruit essential oil. Directions: For best results massage in effected area in circular movement morning and night for 2 weeks. For on-going maintenance apply once a day. Always massage towards the heart. It is made of 75% Organic Ingredients

So what people say about  Really Good Cellulite Oil :

“It is definitely a Really Good Cellulite Oil!

After a month and a half using it my skin is already much firmer and smoother and its appearance has improved significantly!
I just love this oil!

…I combine this with “Bio-Oil  ” for my stretch marks and I have to say I’m impressed by the results of both products so far. I always apply the cellulite oil first.

It is a YES! for me!”

“I am a huge fan of Fushi Wellbeing and their products, i have been buying them regurarely for more than a year. Therefore when I saw this oil I knew it was going to fit my needs. But it exceeded the expectation big way! First, it has a lovely mandarine-like scent, then feels so nice on your skin when you massage it and if you do that at night, it will not stain your sheets. The first results of smoother skin are visible after the third application only. After two weeks there is an enormous difference and the results stay there even after you stop using the product. The bottle is just enough for 2 weeks treatment (2 weeks period of use is suggested by the manufacturer),i did it just before my summer holidays and the pharmacy products I used before cannot even compare to this oil.”

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How to dress for Royal Ascot

 How to dress for Royal Ascot

How to dress for Royal Ascot, Royal Ascot has tightened up its dress code this year so ladies visiting the Royal Enclosure must be wise and not show too much flesh. Well, it is noted if you want to see the pictures published by the daily mail for ideas, here is the link.

How to dress for Royal Ascot Read more:

Or have a look at Vogue, our best loved magazine: New Ascot Rules ELLA ALEXANDER 18 January 2012 5 comments ROYAL Ascot is tightening its dress code by offering new guidelines for those attending the annual summer event. The new rules are intended to clear up any “misunderstanding of what constitutes appropriate attire for this formal occasion”.

How to dress doe Royal Ascot, this year is strict, so dress wisely, a few of us, dared bold outfit in the past, colourful multi-colored dresses and really regretted it on the day. So, if this year is stricter choose your dress appropriately or you may regret it during the day, even if not in the Royal Enclosure.

How to dress for Royal Ascot in 2012,  our advice, go for structured cut and plain colours.   Be careful with graphic pattern like in the picture left, it is very difficult to wear, it may look suberb when you try it, but are you confortable walking around all day wearing it.

So if it is great for a photo-shoot less for a day a Royal Ascot. Our classical selection:


This year the 50’s style is perfect. Black and white is a great mix, you cannot go wrong with it, and it is timeless.  So if you wonder how to dress for Royal Ascot, a White Polka dot dress is a great option, we love the Audrey Hepburn 50s Black & White Polka Dot Swing Dress  on Amazon, it is very elegant and flattering on any figure,in addition it is affordable. Wear it with black Long gloves, it is the quintessence  of elegance.

If you want to be noticed, the best option is to choose a bold hat. At Royal Ascot hats are a must have and they range from the  most bizarre to the most beautiful. But usually, the more outrageous the better.

Royal Ascot fun fascinators, they are the most eye catching:

Royal Ascot Classic fascinator; a quite safe option:

Royal Ascot hats; a selection of elegant or bold, make your statement!

For a last minute buy for Royal Ascot hat, shops are useless, as all hats are gone and you may end-up either paying an awful amount of money or choose something you don’t really like. Then, Amazon is a great option, here are our choices:

Ladies we hope this is helpful and you have fab day.

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Feel like summer

Feel like summer, where is summer, we want to feel the caress of the sun on our skin, gently tanning, soft legs under our skirts, men look on our fresh flesh. Sun is not here, never mind, let’s create its feeling.

Around us people are tired and moody lacking the rejuvenating sun, yet we see lovely girls daring a short skirt showing off their tanned legs, and we want the same! Isn’t it true that sometime forcing happiness and faking a tan make us feel so much better. So if the sun is not here, we want to be tanned, and feel pretty.

So if you fell like summer and, for a warm sun-kissed face, Guerlain Terracotta Light Bronzing Powder gives skin a natural bronzed look, it provides a nice radiant glow. For a natural effect, apply it over areas where the sun naturally hits, like cheekbones, temples, nose, brow-bone, forehead and chin. In France, the most successful sun-kiss powder is Guerlain Terracotta Moisturising and Long Lasting Bronzing Powder. A much cheaper, and brilliant option is L’OREAL GLAM BRONZE MINERAL BRONZING POWDER WITH BRUSH, non only it is cheap but it is a mineral powder.

Now, it is fabulous to be tan, it feels so much better. Although some of us, really suffer from the lack of sun, and badly feel like summer. Reduced sunlight may cause low mood and energy levels, light is a natural element essential to feel positive, and it the moment we really struggle. So, if you can afford a break abroad in the sun sun, fab, otherwise and before feeling very low, investing in a light lamp is a great solution. You can feel the benefits of light therapy within a few days, with as little as 15-45 minutes of use a day.SAD Light Box – 10,000 lux – Medically Certified – Seasonal Affective Disorder is brilliant, it sounds very dramatic, but it is great, you don’t need to feel depressed to use it. It is affordable and it works.

For those who not only feel like summer but struggle in the morning, the alarm clock option is ideal, a few chipies use Lumie Bodyclock STARTER 30 Wake-up Light Alarm Clock.

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